I can't log into my account!

  1. Your password might have been reset in February.  Use this link, "Lost Your Password?" enter the email or the password for your account.   A link to RESET your password would be sent to you.  If you do not receive your email, check your SPAM/ JUNK mail folder.
  2. If the password reset tool tells you that your account does NOT exist, verify the information and try again.  If that DOES NOT fix the issue and you have NOT used your account since February 2016, then you might need to recreate your account here.
  3. If it tells you that your email address is already in use and you cannot reset your password, please call 701-483-4000 during business hours.

Why are my photos on my phone right but sideways or upside down on the classifieds?

With the increasing amount of smart phones in use, we are continuing to see an increase in the number of photo related issues.

If your photos are turned sideways, this is one possible reason why


I think / know one of the listings is a scam or has false / incorrect information

We want to know if you think a listing is a problem.

Please note the title or the number at the end of URL and use our submission form at the bottom of the page with the topic of "Classified Ads".

We will research it and take any appropriate action as we think is needed.

How do I find out or reset my password?

If you are not sure what your password is or your password just isn't working, we have provided a password reset tool.

Click on the link { here }
Enter your username or email address
Check your email for the reset link and click on it
Enter your new password and submit
Log in to the site with your new password.

Why am I limited to only five (5) listings?

The five listing limit was imposed so that businesses cannot flood the Consolidated Classifieds with their entire inventory.

Are businesses allowed to post?

Yes. However, please do not post the same listing more than once. Similar or copied posts will be removed at our desecration.

What is not allowed to be posted?

Posts that we do not allow and will be removed when found include, but are NOT limited to:

Adult material (services, solicitation for services such as dancers or adult modeling)
Any that include illegal activities or items
Anything that is an opinion, political piece, or editorial
Listings that advertise competing services.
Please remember, these are a private and free service. Though we allow anyone to use it with in reason, we do retain the right to remove any listing at any time without notice.

Where is the Channel 18 option that was part of the old Classified System?

With our pre-December 2015 version, we offered the option to include listings on Channel 18.

As most listings opted for this each time, we have included this as part of the service for all listings.

Not all listings make it, but we do include virtually all of the listings submitted.

Only the newest 50 approved for Channel 18 listings are displayed from 7:30am to 1pm, Monday through Saturday.

Why is my listing not on Channel 18 anymore?

Channel 18 listings are only the top 50 newest listings. The listings on the website remain for up to 30 days (depending on what is chosen when the listing was made).

Channel 18 is an additional service, not a stand along service, to the Classifieds.

Why is my photo sideways or upside down?

The photo upload system takes it directly from your computer or phone "as is". Some computers/phones will auto-correct images when viewing on that particular system (especially a phone) BUT the actual file might still be sideways or upside down.

Our system does not and cannot correct this issue. Images will need to be turned and saved as desired before uploading.

Windows Photo Viewer, MS Paint, and GIMP are all free programs for Windows (GIMP for Mac) that will allow you to turn and save images. These programs are only suggestions and not given technical support by Consolidated.

Can I pay to have my listing bolded or always on top of a category?

At this time no. We offer a completely free and level classified listing service for everyone. You are not prevented from removing and adding a listing as much as you want to keep it at the top of a category, but we do reserve the right to restrict your access if this feature is abused.

We ask that you re-list a listing no more than a few times a week.

I think I have received a scam email / letter / text, what do I do?

Your best action is to ignore it.

You can turn it in to the Attorney General's office for review, if you like. However, keep in mind, that most originate out of country and tracking down the criminals is virtually impossible. They change their phone numbers and email addressed constantly. We do maintain a banned list of emails but this is for posting ads, not for those who have contacted sellers.

The local sheriff or police department can only take action if you have lost money or property to a scam.

For more information, visit here.

My image won't upload / Causes an error

If you have apostrophe or a space in the name of your picture file (example: Brother's Car), this can cause an issue when uploading the file to the server.

Right click on the file name and rename it to remove the spaces and apostrophe.

I am still having issues adding my listing to the Classifieds

If you are still having issues and can't add your listing, use this form to submit your information and a description of the problem.

This is for trouble shooting ONLY and not for regular ad listings.